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Here at Mrs BouCake we specialise in providing high-quality wedding cakes across the North East of England including County Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland and Newcastle.

We pride ourselves on our continued customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of skills developed over the years we're sure we'll be able to create just what you imagined. 

If you would like to make an enquiry please complete the form through our contact us page or see our Facebook page using the find us on Facebook button above. 

Ashley: AKA Mrs BouCake

How I got here....

I have been in the cake industry for nearly 9 years. I started making cakes in 2011 for fun when my first born, Harry was three months old while on maternity leave. After posting photos on social media of my first BouCake (cupcake bouquet) for my Mams mothers day gift, a couple of people asked me to make their celebration cakes. Things got a little busier and I decided to take the plunge and leave my old job so I could be a stay at home Mam and do a few cakes a month for extra money. This was a big decision as I loved my old job as a Senior New Product Development Technologist designing ready meals for the companies brand and for large supermarkets, but it meant a lot of travel which wouldn't fit with my new family life.

I never dreamed that I would one day be making wedding cakes for so many couples; show stoppers, wedding cakes for my family, for old school friends and I have met some of the lovliest people through this job, I'm a very lucky lady! I still sometimes say to my husband "that was just ingredients a few days ago".... he thinks I'm mad but I really do love my job! I get to be creative everyday, I can earn a wage from home and work around my family's needs.

I then went on to have Alice in 2013 and continued to work at home around my little ones but the business was quickly outgrowing my teeny kitchen, and dining room and all the cupboards! It was taking over the house. I did briefly think about going into teaching Food Technology but I decided that I could be more flexible keeping my own business, so in 2015 I opened a shop in my hometown Chester-Le-Street. The shop was a huge success and it's the main reason we were able to bid on our dream home (lovely area but a big project). I remember vividly finding out that we had won the bid for the house and then finding out I was pregnant (again!) the next day!!! Our little surprise muffin was a huge shock! So 13 months after opening the shop I decided to move the business to our new house which would eventually have a much bigger kitchen. The next few months were a bit of a blur, the most exhausting time of my life, I ended up working all the way through the pregnancy and converting the house with our family. A blessing in itself but also in disguise. The shop ended up being so popular that it took over my life and felt like I missed out on a lot with the kids. Anyway, we are now in 2019, the house is almost finished (not entirely sure it ever will be), little Matilda is 2 now and I am back to fitting my work around my family again. And there will definitely be no more surprises!

My family, my world right here! Me, my husband (and official driver) Michael, Harry (9) who loves Acrobatics, Alice (6) who loves football and Matilda (2) who loves food (a lot)!

I work part time so tend to fill up quite quickly. I try to be more strict with myself these days in terms of how much work I take on.

Other things you should know about me:

From 18-22 I worked as a part time chef while at university. I took a gap year and worked as a chef de party at The Plaza in Brighton

I have a BSc(hons) in Food and Human Nutrition. I also have a level 4 Food Hygiene and Safety Management in Manufacturing qualification as well as Allergen control and HACCP training.

Mrs BouCake's kitchen has been inspected by Durham County Council and awarded a level 5 hygiene award.

I have had some sugar flower training from the famous Cotton and Crumbs but aside from that I am mostly self taught.